Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 4: Team UK Wins Match 1, Team USA Be Afraid

Episode 4 featured the first elimination fight of the show.  Last episode Team USA won the coin flip to decide who would fight first.  Henderson after talking with his team decided to start things off with a fight in the welterweight division.

Henderson chose Team USA’s Mark Miller to fight Team UK’s Nick Osipczak.  In the first round it appeared that Miller tapped during a guillotine choke attempt, but Miller later escaped.  The first round was a back and forth battle, both on the feet and on the mat.

In the second round Osipczak kicked Miller in the head and knocked him out.  Osipczak thereby gave Team UK their first win, and consequently dealt Team USA their first loss.

Miller appeared to be one of Team USA’s better welterweights, the loss will be a tough blow to the welterweight group for Team USA.  However, Osipczak seems to have a lot of potential, and was probably one of the better welterweights for Team UK.  Depending on how much Osipczak progresses during the show he has potential to make it to the finale in June.

Perhaps Team USA will learn from the loss and realize that they need to step up their game because Team UK is here to bring it.  It will be interesting to see what match up Bisping is going to choose on the next episode.  Until next time, keep your hands up, chin down, and keep fighting.


(Originally posted on 4/23/09)

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