The Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 5: UK Wins One, USA Wins One, Where’s Bisping?

Well this week the episode moved quickly.  Really, it had to considering they featured two elimination fights this episode.  Episode 5 started off with the UK Team celebrating their first victory in the competition, while Team USA fought and bickered amongst one another.

It seems that some of the USA Team members feel that some of the younger members are too immature and talk too much.  Jason Pierce and Jason Dent apparently would prefer either the to hang out with the UK Team, or nobody at all, before hanging out with their teammates. 

Cameron Dollar showed his real colors when he was bragging about how many women he has been with.  While Damarques Johnson occasionally complains or observes how separate Team USA is.  I am convinced that Richie Whitson is a mute, he has yet to say anything the whole season it seems. 

The first fight featured Andre Winner vs Santino Defranco.  Winner was the winner by simply overpowering an “anxious” Defranco.  It’s not really surprising to see Defranco go after seeing his poor performance in his victory to make it on the show.

The next fight was Dean Amasinger vs Damarques Johnson.  Amasinger seemed confident in the match-up, until his coach (Bisping) never arrived for the fight.  Amasinger then seemed noticeably less confident before the fight, while Johnson seemed confident and actually gitty to be fighting.  Johnson beat Amasinger by submission (triangle), despite warnings to Amasinger during preparation to watch out for the triangle.

With Johnsons victory that leaves the record at Team UK 2 -Team USA 1.  They ended the show without ever saying where Bisping was, they only showed Bisping saying “I hope he can forgive me.”  Next episode will feature two more elimination fights as well, which gives us four elimination fights in two weeks, pretty cool I’d say.

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