The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 9:Who Fights Faulkner? and Bisping Shows a Lack of Class in Front of His Students

Alright Ultimate Fighter fans, this was a much better episode than last weeks, perhaps it’s because the show is more focused on two guys that are actually willing to fight…kinda.

Last episode left us all trying to guess who was going to step up from the already-beatens and take on David Faulkner in a second chance of a lifetime fight?  The answer, Frank Lester.  Lester bless your heart you are a true warrior.  For those of us who have forgotten Lester was the fighter who lost his front four teeth and took a beating just two episodes ago (only a couple of days prior in actual time).  Mark Miller the other alternative had a broken nose, and was not cleared to fight.

Lester tells Dana White (President of the UFC) that he is willing to fight, and so what if he’s missing teeth, after all there only teeth right?  And Dan Henderson fights without his teeth all the time, right?  Dana loved the heart and attitude shown by Lester here, in his willingness to step back in the octagon after just a couple days removed from getting a pretty good beating.

The show eventually shifts to Faulkner who has all the physical tools, but lacks the mental toughness to be a real threat.  Apparently Faulkner is a professional fighter who can’t seem to keep his mouth-guard in his mouth due to his gag-reflex.  He has such a hard time keeping his mouthpiece in that he actually goes to a hypnotist to try to fix the problem through hypnosis.

Later on in the show Bisping sprayed water in Damarques Johnsons face for a “racist” comment that Johnson didn’t even say.  Cameron Dollar a couple of episodes ago (while Bisping was playing Henderson at tennis) said that Bisping was “whiter than a band-aid”?  Whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean.  But, nonetheless Bisping took offense and thought that Johnson was the one who had said it.  Bisping went to apologize to Johnson who had stormed out of the building after being squirted, and after approaching Johnson who told Bisping he needed a minute, Bisping returned like a little “puff”.  It appeared that Bisping was actually upset at Johnson for not letting him apologize right away.

The point is that Bisping was not shown in a very positive light after this event, and I am going to find it very difficult to cheer for him at all.

As far as strategy goes for the fight Henderson wants Lester to just throw a straight one-two combo, that’s it.  Bisping seems to just want Faulkner to keep his mouth-guard in.

Both fighters come out for round one, and Faulkner looks to be the aggressor, and looks much more fresh than Lester.  Faulkner connects on a couple of nice punches, and even scores a takedown.  Faulkner wins round one easily.

The bell rings for round two, and Lester comes out and is able to keep the fight standing and controls Faulkner in the clinch.  Lester also connects on some nice punches none of which are the straight one-tow combo that Henderson wanted him to throw.  During the second round Faulkner is noticeably fatigued, and at one point spit out his mouthpiece, Lester walks away winning round two.

With both fighters each winning a round that means only one thing right?  A sudden death one round battle, winner takes the victory.  But wait, whats this, Faulkners throat is too dry?  Faulkner quits while sitting on his stool between rounds?  Faulkner came on this show taking the opportunity away from all of his fellow countrymen that wanted to be on the Ultimate Fighter and then lets his country down by quitting?  Faulkner, a professional fighter can’t go three rounds?  Well believe it folks it happened, Faulkner did not come out for the third round.  As one person put it Lester out-hearted Faulkner.

Well this ties things up, both teams are now 4-4 and the teaser for next week has us guessing if teammates are going to have to fight teammates.  Until next time, keep reading.

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