I’m Back at It, Sorry About the Layoff, Now Time to Get Back Up to Date

Well, I haven’t made any updates on here in the last couple of weeks.  I didn’t do anything for the Ultimate Fighter Finale or the Fight Night associated with it.  So let’s get caught up to speed on it quickly.

One of my picks to win the show won, Ross Pearson.  Pearson managed to beat a very game Andre Winner to win half of the Ultimate Fighter show, Ross would take home the Lightweight trophy and the contract. 

Another fighter that I thought could be in the finals was, although he then got whupped by a very impressive James Wilks.Wilks won the Welterweight trophy but putting an almost 5 minute ass kicking on Damarques Johnson. 

For the main event of the show, Diego Sanchez had a war with Clay Guida.  Guida should change his nickname from Clay “The Carpenter” Guida (Clay was or is an actual member of the Chicago areas Carpenter Union) to Clay “Fights Like a Wild Man Possessed By the Spirit of Ares” Guida.  After getting his face knocked in, and having his head sent to another dimension by a nicely timed kick from Diego, Guida came storming back in the next to rounds.  Unfortunately Guida lost by Split-Decision.

All I can say is that Guida is always in awesome fights, alla Guida vs Huerta, Guida vs Diaz.  All I know is that the UFC needs to keep this guy around despite the loss.

On some other notes, I will get the fight cards for some of the up coming UFCs posted, and I will get my predictions for UFC 100 up real soon, I promise.  Please keep coming back, Ive got some pretty cool articles in the works.

Oh, I will also update my top fighter lists accordingly.

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