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Posted in About My Blog on May 1, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

I have been a fan of the UFC and MMA since the very first UFC was shown.  I watch and pay so much attention to the UFC (and to some degree other MMA organizations) that I figured I might as well do something constructive with my hobby.

This site will mainly be an outlet for me to express my thoughts on the UFC, as well as make some predictions.  I hope in the future to expand the site to more readily include other MMA organizations, but starting out it will predominantly be about what’s going on in the UFC.

 A Few Rules

1.  My picks will not be final until 12 hours before the event starts.  (This is so that I may watch the weigh-ins and view Las Vegas odds before the fights start.)

2.  I will use the main photo on my blog space to indicate who I think will win the main event of the next upcoming MMA event.

3.(a) In some cases there will be a fighter that is fighting that I may have never seen before, or I am unaware of his abilities.  I will still make a prediction on the fight, however I will let my readers know the extent of my knowledge of the fighters.  Therefore, I will use two prediction methods, one will be for fights in which I am familiar with both fighters, and the other will be for fights where I am only familiar with one or none of the fighters.

3.(b) I will identify my prediction for the winner of a fight in which I am knowledgable of both fighters using a ^

I will then identify my prediction for the winner of a fight in which I am not knowledgable of one or either fighter using an *

4. I will post the odds found on and  under the fighters names.  I will also calculate the winning percentage from the odds.  It will look something like this BU+/-### (%) SB+/-### (%).  Please note that the percentages will not add up to 100% what is left over is what the sportsbook take home as a fee, it’s just the way they do it.

For those interested: The equation for figuring out the percentages goes like this, we’ll use -500 and +400.

Favorite (-500):  Amount to win $1/Amount to win $1 + $1     Example: $5/$5 + $1 = 5/6 = .83 = 83%

Underdog (+400): 1/Amount won when wagering $1 + $1         Example: 1/$4 + $1 = 1/5 = .20 = 20%

5.  This is only a hobby for me, any betting losses as a result of my predictions is not my responsibility.   However, I will indicate what I would consider to be a good bet by using a $.

6.  Comments and discussion are welcome, I only ask that it stay clean.


For more information on betting on MMA check out this link: