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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 3: Teams are Full, Browning OUT, Let the Games Begin!

Posted in The Ultimate Fighter TV Show on May 1, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

The teams are finally set.  Team USA has there last two members.  One fighter won by default (his opponent knocked himself out) and the other beat a no-hearted half-wit in an unimpressive manner. 

Team UK definately seems to be out to prove something.  While Team USA acts as though they have already won.  The recipe that is being put together is one that could end up with Team USA getting there A**es handed to them. 

Next week it all begins, Team USA has control of the first fight match-up.  While Bisping looks to talk some trash.  Put your headgear on and your mouth-piece in because this is going to get ugly.


(Originally posted on 4/18/09)

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 2: US Team Off to a Bad Start

Posted in The Ultimate Fighter TV Show on May 1, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

The US Team was featured in the second episode this week, and it didn’t look very promising.  One guy fainted (probably due to cutting 11 pounds that day), another guy was sent home for having herpes on his face, and another guy couldn’t make weight.

Herpes guy, you get somewhat of a pass.  Herpes likes to show its ugly face when people are stressed and if you have it theres just not much you can do about it.  Mr. Fainter, you still won your fight, but obviously you should consider controlling your weight a little better so that you don’t have to cut so much.  Finally, Mr. Can’t Make Weight, I understand that making weight is tough.  I’m sure you feel horrible, and that everybody and their mother has given you grief about not making weight.  But, lucky for you I know what really happend.  You purposely sacrificed your UFC career in order to throw the Brits off.  You wanted them to think that the US Team was a bunch of shlubs that weren’t taking the opportunity seriously.  We’ll see if your plan works.

As for the guys that made the team, congratulations, because apparently showing up and performing was as hard as anything.  Honestly, I really believe that the Brits could win this thing.  But, the nice thing is it all makes for good tv.

In closing, The Lunatics brother is on this season (as of right now) I really hope he’s different than his brother.  If not, don’t hesitate to kick him off the show, the way that The Lunatic should have been kicked off the show last season.


(Originally posted on 4/18/09)

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 1: A Look at Team UK

Posted in The Ultimate Fighter TV Show on May 1, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

I love the fact that the UFC makes the contestants fight to get on the show.  I mean what better way to start out a show about fighting than to kick it off with a full episode of nothing but fights.  Brilliant!

This season has a brand new theme: Country vs Country.  Team USA vs Team UK with the coaches (Dan Henderson coach of Team USA and Michael Bisping coach of Team UK) set to fight each other after the show.  The winner of that fight will probably recieve a title shot.

But, lets get moving.  Episode 1 featured the preliminary fights for Team UK, the winners would go on to represent the UK.  The losers get to go back home and dream about the IF ONLYS.  There were some pretty good fights for day 1.  But, due to time constraints and the fact that I just want to get some info down I’m not going to go into any real specifics.

As a team they definately seem as though they feel they have something to prove, not only to themselves, and Bisping, and the US, but to the whole MMA world as well.  I definately feel that Team USA will definately have their hands full, and I hope this is the case simply because I like watching good fights.

I promise I will get more posted on this program as soon as I can.


(originally posted on 4/18/09)

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9: Fighters and My Picks for the Winners

Posted in The Ultimate Fighter TV Show with tags , , , , , on May 1, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

Team USA: Name, Age, Record


Damarques Johnson 26, 13-6 (1-0 Beat Dean Amasinger)


Frank Lester 24, 3-2

(Picture currently not available)

Jason Pierce 32, 9-0


Mark Miller 30, 10-4     (Eliminated by Nick Osipczak)




Cameron Dollar 21, 5-1


Jason Dent 28, 19-9

(Picture currently not available)

Richie Whitson 22, 4-0


Santino Defranco 26, 13-4 (Eliminated by Andre Winner)



Team UK: Name, Age, Record


Nick Osipczak 23, 3-0     (1-0 Beat Mark Miller)


James Wilkes 30, 5-2


Dean Amasinger 25, 4-1 (eliminated by Damarques Johnson)


David Faulkner 28, 2-1




Ross Pearson 24, 9-3


Martin Stapleton 25, 5-1


Jeff Lawson 30, 13-2


Andre Winner 26, 9-2-1 (Beat Santino Defranco)



My Picks

I think that Damarques Johnson is probably Team USA’s best Welterweight.  I thought that Mark Miller was pretty good too, but with his elimination it leaves Team USA a little more vulnerable in that weight class.  Jason Pierce looks good, but not any better than any of the guys on Team UK.  As for Frank Lester who won his fight by default, he may surprise some people.  I think Frank has got a lot of fight in him, and if taken too lightly could win a fight or two before being eliminated.

Team UKs best Welterweight is debatable, I think that Osipczak and Amasinger both have the potential to be the best when the show is over, it just depends on who improves more.  Faulkner may be tough, but he seems to be lacking the true fighting spirit, don’t expect him to win any.  James Wilkes is a question mark for me, I don’t know what to expect.

Richie Whitson is Team USAs best Lightweight.  Richie showed real moxey in his first fight, the kid is a scrapper.  I think that with top level training Richie should improve drastically and should be a real threat in that division. Jason Dent who has an impressive record did not win his first fight in a very impressive manner.  Perhaps it was nerves, but I would like to see more from him before I would think of him as a threat.  Cameron Dollar won his first fight, despite losing the entire first round.  With some good training he could be a competitor.  Santino Defranco did nothing in the first round of his fight except for lay on the mat.  But, in the second round he came out more aggressive, if he fights like he fought in the second round Santino could be a surprise.  However, I want to see it first.

Team UK has two guys at Lightweight that I would not want to face.  Ross Pearson is probably the best Lightweight that UK has to offer, however Martin Stapleton isn’t far behind.  I am excited to see how much these two guys improve by the end of the show, because I think the sky is the limit for both of them.  Jeff Lawson is probably the next best.  He has experience, and won his first fight handily, but I just didn’t see the athleticism in him that the other two fighters have.  Andre Winner, I hate to say it but your in a weight division with some stiff competition, and unfortunately someone has to be the caboose.

I think that Nick Osipczak will win the show for the Welterweight division, however don’t be surprised to see Damarques Johnson and Dean Amasinger towards the end either.

I am more confident with my Lightweight pick than I am for my Welterweight pick.  I think that Ross Pearson will win the Lightweight division.  I anticipate a finale where he faces fellow countryman Martin Stapleton.  However, the dark horse would have to be Richie Whitson, he has the true grit and fighting spirit to beat the more technical and experienced fighter.


(originally posted on 4/23/09)