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Awesome Article by Joe Lauzon

Posted in UFC/MMA News and Notes with tags , on August 3, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

This is a great article written by UFC fighter Joe Lauzon.  He is defending MMA against an uninformed, ignorant fool that calls MMA human dog fighting.  Lauzon is a college educated fighter, and now he can also add MMA embassador to his resume’.  It’s definately a good read, and very informative.

I’m Back at It, Sorry About the Layoff, Now Time to Get Back Up to Date

Posted in UFC/MMA News and Notes on July 5, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

Well, I haven’t made any updates on here in the last couple of weeks.  I didn’t do anything for the Ultimate Fighter Finale or the Fight Night associated with it.  So let’s get caught up to speed on it quickly.

One of my picks to win the show won, Ross Pearson.  Pearson managed to beat a very game Andre Winner to win half of the Ultimate Fighter show, Ross would take home the Lightweight trophy and the contract. 

Another fighter that I thought could be in the finals was, although he then got whupped by a very impressive James Wilks.Wilks won the Welterweight trophy but putting an almost 5 minute ass kicking on Damarques Johnson. 

For the main event of the show, Diego Sanchez had a war with Clay Guida.  Guida should change his nickname from Clay “The Carpenter” Guida (Clay was or is an actual member of the Chicago areas Carpenter Union) to Clay “Fights Like a Wild Man Possessed By the Spirit of Ares” Guida.  After getting his face knocked in, and having his head sent to another dimension by a nicely timed kick from Diego, Guida came storming back in the next to rounds.  Unfortunately Guida lost by Split-Decision.

All I can say is that Guida is always in awesome fights, alla Guida vs Huerta, Guida vs Diaz.  All I know is that the UFC needs to keep this guy around despite the loss.

On some other notes, I will get the fight cards for some of the up coming UFCs posted, and I will get my predictions for UFC 100 up real soon, I promise.  Please keep coming back, Ive got some pretty cool articles in the works.

Oh, I will also update my top fighter lists accordingly.

A Link to MMA Wagering Guide

Posted in UFC/MMA News and Notes with tags , , , , , on June 4, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

Ok, I found the article about betting on MMA for anyone interested in that sort of thing.  The article was written by Eric Foster and I feel it’s a very good article for someone who has no idea on how to bet MMA.

I will keep this link located on my About My Blog page at the bottom.

Catching Up on some News and Events

Posted in UFC/MMA News and Notes on May 8, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

UFC 98 has seen a lot of changes in the past few weeks, but hopefully the card is finally set.  Some of the changes that some people may have missed are:

Xavier Foupa-Pokam replaces James Irvin to fight Drew McFedries.  James Irvin suffered an injury and had to pull out of the fight a couple of weeks ago

Yushin Okami is also out.  Chael Sonnen will replace him in fighting Dan Miller.  Chael will be a very good replacement for Yushin, he will give Miller a challenge for sure.

Also, Krzysztof Soszynski will replace Houston Alexander in fighting Andre Gusmao.  Gusmao was the favorite to beat Alexander, but with Alexander out due to a broken hand, I think that Soszynski is probably the favorite now.  If not…he should be.

(Note: for a complete listing of the revised fight card, visit my Fight Card link on this blog.)

UFC 99, has had a couple of fights added to the card:

Paul Kelly will be fighting Rolando Delgado

Terry Etim has also been added to the card, he will be fighting Justin Buchholz.

Never Watch, Never Surrender

Posted in UFC/MMA News and Notes with tags , , , , , on May 3, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

never-surrender1I recently watched a movie called Never Surrender.  The movie features several UFC fighters in small roles.  Georges St.Pierre, Anderson Silva, Quentin Jackson, BJ Penn and Heath Herring all have parts in the movie.  Despite having major UFC talent in the movie, the movie was still atrocious.

From what I gathered from the movie (I was fast-forwarding through most of it to get to where the UFC fighters were) some guy who looked like he was forty-five (and no Randy Couture) was a world MMA Champion.  He gets lured into this underground fighting ring where the winner gets the other fighters girl.  Because what is more primal or basic than fighting for the woman you love?  Anyways it ends where he has to fight the promoter of the underground fight ring.

The movie is probably a C movie at best, the fight scenes were filmed worse than anything you could hope to see on tv.  The one good line to come from the movie was when Jackson told a drunk a** that ” you need to pivot when you punch”.  That quote came right after Jackson takes a clean punch right on his chin, but shrugs it off like nothing happend.

The most unbelievable part of the movie was that they dubbed over Georges St.Pierre’s voice.  UNBELIEVABLE!  For those who might not know, St.Pierre is from Canada, and speaks with a French-Canadian accent, but his accent isn’t nearly bad enough to deserve getting dubbed over.  St.Pierre is probably the most popular fighter in MMA, and he is the future of the sport, if you’re lucky enough to get him to be in your movie, have the curtisy not to dub his voice.

 The only good thing to come from the movie is that the UFC fighters gained experience being in and around a movie and its sets.  Hopefully we can see a real Hollywood movie feature some UFC fighters. 

My advice would be that if you are a real and true fan of the UFC and want to see the fighters try to act, go to your local Red-Box and rent a copy for a dollar.  Otherwise, DO NOT spend any money on this movie.

Silva to Fight Griffin, Jardine new opponent for Thiago Silva, Noguiera to Fight Couture?

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This just in, Anderson Silva has now been slated to fight Forrest Griffin this July at UFC 101.  Griffin was scheduled to fight Thiago Silva, but now Thiago is going to be fighting Keith Jardine.  

Apparently Dana White wants to get Anderson back in the ring sooner, than later, and what better opponent than Griffin.  This is a very smart move by the President of the UFC.  After Silva’s “embarrassing” outing White knew that nobody in their right mind was going to pay for a pay-per view with Silva as the headlining fight.  So, pit Silva against a ranked fighter in another weight division, with a different division title on the line later that night.  Brilliant.

BJ Penn will be defending his title against Kenny Florian that same night in the Main Event.  As if that match up wasn’t going to draw enough buys, the UFC decided to add some extra frosting to the cake at no cost to them or the public.  By having Silva fight at a heavier weight against a ranked opponent they really don’t have much to lose, but they have a lot to gain. 

If Silva loses, so what, he still has the Middleweight title, and oh how convenient, he lost to a very respectable fighter who isn’t even in his natural division.  Also, it makes the UFC look good because they are presenting a stacked card with a fan favorite in Griffin.

If Silva wins, it proves that he really is a pound-for-pound phenom.  By beating Griffin it would refresh interest in Silva with the public. Then, the UFC could use Silva to headline another one of their pay-per views.

The UFC has really taken the latest Silva fiasco and turned it into a win-win for themselves and the public.

On a separate note, it is rumored that Antonio Noguiera is going to be facing Randy Couture in the main event at UFC 102 in Portland, Oregon.  Both fighters are coming off loses and both fighters are showing their age.  The exciting aspect of this fight is that these two fighters fight with a ton of heart, it should be a battle for the ages.


Originally posted on (4/29/09)