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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 8: Jason Puts a “Dent” in the UK Record, Pierce Too Sick or Too Scared?

Posted in The Ultimate Fighter TV Show with tags , , , , , , , on May 29, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

Hello Ultimate Fighter Fans!  Sorry this wasn’t posted much sooner, like within the last two weeks.  My apologies.  Anyway, it really was kind of a boring episode anyways. Here’s what happened, or perhaps a lack of what happened.  This summary is going to be a little short, because I’m guessing most of you know what happened two weeks ago by now anyways.

The show started off with Jason Pierce being a very negative minded pessimist.  The show continued with Pierce being a negative minded pessimist, and ultimately ended with Pierce being a negative minded non-competitor.

There was much of the show dedicated to peoples dislike of Pierces attitude, ranging from his fellow teammates to even the coaches.  Also, there were four competitors left to fight.  Pierce was going to fight Faulkner, or Dent was going to fight Lawson.

The decision was made to have Dent fight Lawson. 

The first round was pretty good.  The pace was good, with Lawson controlling the round and winning it easily.  In the second round however Lawson was pretty gassed, and Dent was able to choke out Lawson for the victory.  Dana White (President of the UFC) said the victory was far, far, far from being impressive.

The real story was Jason Pierce who was asked by Dana White how he was feeling and if he felt up to fighting (Pierce was diagnosed with somekind of illness by the doctors).  Pierce was again very quiet with a negative attitude, and mentally wasn’t there.  Dana sensed this and told Pierce he wasn’t going to be fighting. 

On a personal note, I was actually angry with the guy because he was sporting top of the line Tapout gear the whole time, and he seemed to lack any heart or desire to fight.  I really didn’t feel that he deserved to be all decked out in Tapout gear when he was obviously quitting before he even officially fought on the show.

In summary, Dent won a very non-impressive victory over Lawson.  Look for Dent to be eliminated in his next fight, while we had at least a half an hour of watching probably the most negative and dejected person to ever be on the Ultimate Fighter.  Luckily, Dana saw that Pierce was bad for business and pulled him from his fight, to give another already beaten Welterweight a second chance.  But who?  We’ll have to wait and see until next week.