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Never Watch, Never Surrender

Posted in UFC/MMA News and Notes with tags , , , , , on May 3, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

never-surrender1I recently watched a movie called Never Surrender.  The movie features several UFC fighters in small roles.  Georges St.Pierre, Anderson Silva, Quentin Jackson, BJ Penn and Heath Herring all have parts in the movie.  Despite having major UFC talent in the movie, the movie was still atrocious.

From what I gathered from the movie (I was fast-forwarding through most of it to get to where the UFC fighters were) some guy who looked like he was forty-five (and no Randy Couture) was a world MMA Champion.  He gets lured into this underground fighting ring where the winner gets the other fighters girl.  Because what is more primal or basic than fighting for the woman you love?  Anyways it ends where he has to fight the promoter of the underground fight ring.

The movie is probably a C movie at best, the fight scenes were filmed worse than anything you could hope to see on tv.  The one good line to come from the movie was when Jackson told a drunk a** that ” you need to pivot when you punch”.  That quote came right after Jackson takes a clean punch right on his chin, but shrugs it off like nothing happend.

The most unbelievable part of the movie was that they dubbed over Georges St.Pierre’s voice.  UNBELIEVABLE!  For those who might not know, St.Pierre is from Canada, and speaks with a French-Canadian accent, but his accent isn’t nearly bad enough to deserve getting dubbed over.  St.Pierre is probably the most popular fighter in MMA, and he is the future of the sport, if you’re lucky enough to get him to be in your movie, have the curtisy not to dub his voice.

 The only good thing to come from the movie is that the UFC fighters gained experience being in and around a movie and its sets.  Hopefully we can see a real Hollywood movie feature some UFC fighters. 

My advice would be that if you are a real and true fan of the UFC and want to see the fighters try to act, go to your local Red-Box and rent a copy for a dollar.  Otherwise, DO NOT spend any money on this movie.