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UFC 104: Machida vs Rua (10/24/2009)

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From: The Staples Center, Los Angeles CA

*Fights are rumored, not official, open to changes.


Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida     vs     Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Shane Carwin     vs     Cain Velasquez

Yushin Okami     vs     Chael Sonnen

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson     vs     Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Ryan “Darth” Bader     vs     Eric “Red” Schafer

Chase Gormley     vs     Ben Rothwell

Rob Kimmons     vs     Jorge Rivera

Patrick “HD” Barry     vs     Antoni Hardonk

Razak Al-Hassan     vs     Kyle Kingsbury         


(Personal Note for Author: need to add fight names for some fighters.)

UFC 100 (07/11/09) Results

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My pick Results for UFC 100: 7/11 (64%)

My Money Picks for UFC 100: 0/1

Favorites Record (by internet odds): 7/1 (there were 3 fights I didnt catch the odds to)


My Picks Totals (since UFC 97): 31/45 (69%)

My Money Picks Total (since UFC 97): 9/13 (69%)

Favorites Record Since UFC 97: 29/43 (67%)


Brock Lesnar beat Frank Mir for the UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Title

Brock Lesnar beat Frank Mir for the UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Title

Lesnar wins by technical knockout at 01:58 in Round 2

Lesnar: BU-240 (71%), SB-215 (68%)    (07/06/09)

                 PO+130 (43%)

Mir: BU+190 (34%), SB+175 (36%)     (07/06/09)

          PO-150 (60%)

  Ok, I admit I over-estimated Mir.  I don’t think I really underestimated Lesnar though.  I knew that Lesnar has the ability to smash pretty much anyone.  But, I did think Mir was going to be able to neutralize Lesnars size and brute force with technique and MMA know-how.  I was wrong.

When Lesnar was laying on top of Mir in the first round with Mir in a half head lock smashing Mir’s face I thought, this isn’t good.  When the round ended and half of Mirs face was already smashed up, and Mir could do absolutely nothing with the huge mass of meat that is Lesnar, I knew then that Lesnar was going to finish the fight in the second round.

Lesnar proved that he is the undisputed Heavyweight champ, and that anyone that gets trapped under his insanely huge body mass is as good as dead.  I would really like to see Lesnar against the winner of Carwin or Velasques, but I can say one thing it will be a while before I go against Lesnar.


Georges St.Pierre beats Thiago Alves by Unanimous Decision

Georges St.Pierre beats Thiago Alves by Unanimous Decision

St.Pierre wins by unanimous decision after 5 Rounds. 

Judges scores: 45-50, 44-50, 45-50

St.Pierre: BU-300 (75%), SB-285 (74%)     (07/06/09)

                     PO-300 (75%)

Alves: BU+220 (31%), SB+225 (31%)     (07/06/09)

              PO+220 (31%)

St.Pierre is in the process of building his legacy as possible the best Welterweight champ ever.  St.Pierre has two wins over Matt Hughes who probably still in some eyes is the best Welterweight champ ever.  But, it’s now impossible to ignore the level of competition that St.Pierre has beaten, and the relative ease that he has done it with.

Alves seemed to be a very game opponent.  He’s big, made weight, and seemed to be well conditioned even in the later rounds against St.Pierre.  And yet, St.Pierre pretty much walked right through Alves.  The fight was extremely one-sided.  Pierre is simply at a level never seen before in the Welterweight division, and probably all of MMA.

I get excited at the possibility of a St.Pierre/Silva fight.  But, a lot needs to happen before that would become a reality.  Silva undoubtedly needs to beat Forrest Griffin (Silvas next opponent).  Also, St.Pierre needs to recover from a groin injury suffered during the Alves fight.  But, if the UFC can get the match made and done right, then it would probably be the best matchup in the history of MMA.  At least in the regards that the two pound for pound best fighters in MMA history would be fighting one another, for the title of best MMA fighter ever!  How cool would that be?

Lastly, I have to mention I got this one right, St.Pierre did win by unanimous decision just like I thought he would.


John Fitch     vs     Paulo Thiago

Fitch wins by unanimous decision after 3 Rounds

Fitch: BU-450 (82%), SB-365 (78%)     (07/06/09)

             PO-350 (78%)

Thiago: BU+325 (24%), SB+285 (26%)          (07/06/09)

                 PO+310 (24%)

 Well, Fitch took this one by purely out grappling Thiago.  Ultimately it was really impressive to see how good Fitch’s jiu-jitsu is.  Fitch handled Thiago (a specialist on the mat) with composure and confidence.  Although Fitch did not submit Thiago it was still a quality performance.  Fitch wouldn’t knock Thiago out as I though he might, but he did win as I figured he would.


Dan “Hendo” Henderson     vs     Michael “The Count” Bisping

Henderson wins by knockout at 03:20 in Round 2

Henderson: BU-225 (69%), SB-225 (69%)      (07/06/09)   

                        PO+165 (38%)

Bisping: BU+175 (36%), SB+185 (35%)     (07/06/09)

                 PO-185 (65%)

  I have to admit despite picking Bisping to win, I’m not really dissappointed with Henderson knocking Bisping out.  I don’t really care for Bispings personality. 

 I think that if Bisping was able to avoid the big shot he would have won the fight based on points.  I also think that my odds may still have been pretty reasonable.  How many times does Henderson catch Bisping if they fought a lot.  I think Bisping would avoid the big shot more often than getting hit with it.  It just so happens that this time he got caught with it, and I mean he took the full fist straight on the chin.

Henderson did show me one thing though, he still has plenty of power in those hands. 


Yoshihiro Akiyama     vs     Alan “The Talent” Belcher

Akiyama wins by split decision after 3 Rounds

Akiyama: BU-300 (75%), SB-340 (77%)     (07/06/09)

                      PO-150 (60%)

Belcher: BU+220 (31%), SB+260 (28%)     (07/06/09)

                  PO+150 (40%)

 This was a very entertaining fight, and it would actually be awarded fight of the night honors.  The fight was a back and forth battle, with Akiyama taking the split decision.  The fight statistics show however that Akiyama did out strike, and out wrestle Belcher. 

I think that Belcher definately won some fans with his performance, and despite the loss I don’t forsee the UFC cutting him.  Belcher showed that he is still improving as a fighter. 

I thought there was a possibility that  Akiyama would submit Belcher, but really I thought Akiyama would get the decision.  I also had mentioned that it could be a split decision, but I figured on a unanimous one.  I wasn’t too far off.


Mark “The Hammer” Coleman   vs   Stephan ” American Psycho” Bonnar

Coleman wins by unanimous decision after 3 Rounds

Coleman: BU+250 (29%), SB+250 (29%)     (07/06/09)

                     PO+560 (18%)

Bonnar: BU-350 (78%), SB-325 (76%)     (07/06/09)

                  PO-550 (85%)

 The old man did it.  Coleman definately proved me wrong.  I thought he would never win another fight in the UFC again.  I truly thought that the talent level of the UFC had passed the aging Coleman by.  I would like to think that Bonnar was out of shape, or took Coleman too lightly.  But, Bonnar didn’t appear to be out of shape at the weigh-ins, and I don’t think Bonnar is the type of guy to take anyone too lightly.

All and all it was a good win for Coleman, and once again I’m not too disappointed with getting this one wrong.  It was kind of a nice surprise to see he could still hang with the young guys.  Congrats Coleman.


Jon “Bones” Jones     vs     Jake “Irish” O’Brien

Jones wins by submission (guillotine) at 02:43 in Round 2

Jones: BU-450 (82%), SB-500 (83%)     (07/06/09)

              PO-410 (80%)

O’Brien: BU+325 (24%), SB+300 (25%)     (07/06/09)

                PO+325 (24%)

 Jones did what everyone thought he was going to do, win.  Jones just keeps moving up the board, its exciting to think of where this kids potential will end.  This win doesn’t surprise anyone I don’t think, but it does give Jones more experience and more confidence.  I can’t help but feel that the UFC is grooming this kid.  I would really like to see him fight on regular tv for free, get this kid some exposure.  Jones didn’t deliver the first round knockout like I predicted though.


Dong “Stun Gun” Hyun Kim     vs     TJ Grant

Kim wins by unanimous decision after 3 Rounds

Hyun Kim: BU, SB

                       PO-300 (75%)

Grant: BU, SB

              PO+220 (31%)

  Well, I thought Kim would be able to finish Grant off in the first round.  Instead Kim would leave with a decision victory.


Mac Danzig     vs     Jim Miller

Miller wins by unanimous decision after 3 Rounds

Danzig: BU+160 (38%), SB+160 (38%)     (07/06/09)

               PO+160 (38%)

Miller: BU-200 (67%), SB-200 (67%)     (07/06/09)

               PO-200 (67%)

 I did not see this fight, but I heard it was pretty good.  Danzig got bloodied up, but kept fighting hard.  I read that it was a pretty good grappling match.  I think that Miller was too strong and athletic for Danzig.  Danzig is not a bad fighter, in fact he is a very technical fighter.  I think Danzig just lacks the quickness and talent to be really successful at this level.

I hit the nail on the head with this prediction.  I predicted Miller would win by unanimous decision, and that there would be some impressive grappling.  I was right on both counts.


CB “The Doberman” Dollaway     vs     Tom “Filthy” Lawlor

Lawlor wins by submission (guillotine) at 0:55 in Round 1

Dolloway: BU, SB

                     PO-120 (55%)

Lawlor: BU, SB

                PO+110 (48%)

 I guess by the way it sounds, Dolloway went in for a takedown and Lawlor locked in a guillotine right away.  That was pretty much the whole fight. 

I knew that Lawlor had a good chance of winning as evidenced by my winning percentage I gave him.  Lawlor is a very good fighter, probably better than people give him credit for.  Dolloway is also a very good fighter, but he also seems to be one of those guys that will never reach his full potential.  He just can’t seem to put it all together.

I would like to see Lawlor fight again, perhaps in a main event, or co-main event on a fight night.  I think Lawlor is still getting better as a fighter, and I think he could be right around the top of the division some day.


Matt “The Real One” Grice     vs     Sannon Gugerty

Gugerty wins by submission (guillotine) at 02:36 in Round 1

Grice: BU, SB

              PO+160 (38%)

Gugerty: BU, SB

                 PO-180 (64%)

I predicted a second round submission win for Gugerty, but he decided to just finish it in the first round.  Assuming Grice doesn’t have any more fights on his contract, I don’t anticipate seeing any more of Grice in the UFC.  Gugerty was able to get a much needed victory, and we will see him again.