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UFC 104: Machida vs Rua (10/24/2009)

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From: The Staples Center, Los Angeles CA

*Fights are rumored, not official, open to changes.


Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida     vs     Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Shane Carwin     vs     Cain Velasquez

Yushin Okami     vs     Chael Sonnen

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson     vs     Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Ryan “Darth” Bader     vs     Eric “Red” Schafer

Chase Gormley     vs     Ben Rothwell

Rob Kimmons     vs     Jorge Rivera

Patrick “HD” Barry     vs     Antoni Hardonk

Razak Al-Hassan     vs     Kyle Kingsbury         


(Personal Note for Author: need to add fight names for some fighters.)

My Top Five: Heavyweight Fighters in the UFC

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1. Brock Lesnar     brock-lesnar

Brock Lesnar may the personality of a jackass, but the man is a BEAST.  After watching Lesnar put a whuppin on Frank Mir in their rematch its hard not to wonder who can beat this behemoth.  Lesnar clearly can make up for skill with brute strength and athleticism.  But whats really scary is that he is still developing as a real MMA fighter.  Pretty soon Lesnar will be considered a legit MMA champ. But in reality it just comes down to wins and losses, and who you beat.  Lesnar has already beaten two ex-UFC champs and its hard to argue against that.


2. Randy “The Natural” Couture     randy-couture

Well, what can you say about Couture, the guy is a great fighter.  The only problem is that he is old.  He has a well rounded fighting style, and even at the age of 46 deserves respect.  Nogueira has been in some wars lately, and Couture might have enough in the gas tank to take him out.  Carwin, that’s another story.  Couture could surprise everyone and beat Carwin, but maybe not it’s hard to say.  Couture has earned this spot, with his experience and ability to game plan for victory.  But, don’t be surprised if he isn’t here after his next fight.

3. Frank Mir  Frank Mir 2  

Well, Frank drops to number three after his loss to Lesnar.  Mir is still a very good fighter and will probably get the loser of the Carwin/Velasquez fight.  Despite the one sided victory Lesnar achieved I still believ that Mir could come back even better than ever.  The tough thing for guys like Mir, Couture and nogueira is that the Heavyweight division is filling up with really big Heavyweights.  Perhaps Mir should be trying to bulk up instead of trim up.  Either way Mir can still fight.

4. Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira     antonio-nogueira

Nogueira is a man on his way down the board I think.  He was not too long ago Heavyweight Champion, but in his loss to Mir he looked old.  He moves around like he’s old, I think his body is finally showing the effects of his life (all the brutal fights he’s been a part of, not to mention getting run over by a truck as a kid and going through multiple surgeries as a result).  We will see where Nogueira belongs in the Heavyweight division, I feel that Carwin could take him out, and that Cheick Kongo might be able to as well.  But, he just lost to Mir whom I have ranked as number 1, he has many impressive fights prior to the UFC, and a win against Tim Sylvia.  Nogueira gets this spot because of his fight history, and because he hasn’t lost to anybody else of note yet.  However, I suspect he will shortly, look for this division to shake up quite a bit in the next year.

5. Shane Carwin     shane-carwin

Carwin, I have one question for you, “Have you reached your potential yet?”  If the answer is no then you may enjoy being a top contender if not even Champion in the relative near future.  If however, you have been on a hot streak, and your potential is maxed out, I would expect that you may never get a title shot.  I feel that Carwin has yet to reach his potential yet.  Carwin has the ability to shoot up to number three for sure, if not number two within the year.  As I stated above, I think that Couture and Nogueira are on their way out, which leaves a very wide door for some of the younger more athletic fighters, of whom Carwin leads the pack.  Carwin is a beast of a man and I expect he will be a major player in this division for the next couple of years.

(6.  Cain Velasquez)Cain Velasquez

Cain had a very nice victory over Cheick Kongo at UFC 99.  Kongo was unable to prevent Cain from taking him to the mat and inflicting some brutal ground and pound.  Not only that, but Cains chin was also tested.  Kongo landed some very clean flush shots on Cains chin, and Cain was able to stay composed and win the fight by decision.  With that win Cain knocks Kongo out of this number 6  spot and moves one step closer to cracking the top five.