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The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 10: Pierce is Still a Lying Baby, Damarques “D” Defeats Osipczak

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Damarques Johnson makes it to the "TUF" finale in Las Vegas.

Damarques Johnson makes it to the "TUF" finale in Las Vegas.

Well, last week Frank Lester proved he has balls by becoming the first person in TUF history to get a second chance and win.  This week we get to find out the match-ups for the semi-finals, and we get our first semi-final match.

The show once again beats a dead horse by showing that Pierce is a punk.  Team UK and Team USA get together for a barbecue to celebrate the semi-finals.  Sometime during the night Team USA’s Richie Whitson hears Pierce  bad mouthing Team USA to a Team UK member.  Richie expresses his displeasure and dislike for Pierce.  Richie implies that Pierce backed out of his fight, while Pierce suggests he really wanted to fight.  In the end, the debate finishes with Pierce telling Richie to bump up a weight class so the two could fight.  Let me take a second here to give a word to the unwise (Pierce).  If you fought Richie you would be fighting a real fighter, and Richie would put you in more pain than you could ever believe.

Anyways, the match-ups are made.  Team UK will Fight Team USA in the semi-finals much to the delight of the coaches.  Dana White had tossed around the idea of pitting teammate against teammate, but ultimately decided against it.  The match-ups are as follows: Andre Winner (UK) vs Cameron Dollar (USA), Ross Pearson (UK) vs Jason Dent (USA), Nick  Osipczak (UK) vs Damarques Johnson (USA), and James Wilks (UK) vs Frank Lester (USA) (Note: this is a rematch between these two fighters in which Wilks won the first match by knocking Lesters front four teeth out.)

Team UK”S strategy is for Nick to keep the fight standing, they worked extensively with Nick on his takedown defense.  The strategy for Damarques is simple, win.  Damarques feels that he’s the better fighter and that he could win this fight in any number of ways.

At exactly half-way through the show, we’re into the fight.  Semi-final fights are scheduled for three five minute rounds, and this fight would need all fifteen minutes.  The first round started fairly even with the striking initially going to Damarques although Nick was landing some real nice leg kicks.  At one point Damarques was able to take Nick down, but about half a minute before the bell Nick was able to get back to his feet.  Nick immediately hurt Damarques with a flurry and tried to pour it on at the end of the round.  But, with about ten seconds left Damarques started fighting back, and the round ended with the two fighters standing toe-to-toe slugging it out.

Unfortunately, the second round would not have the same fireworks that the first round had.  Damarques got an early takedown, and controlled Nick on the ground from then on.  Nick to his credit went for some early submissions but could never quite get there.  Nick took a pretty good beating to finish the round, taking blows from Damarques who was in the full mount position.  It appeared that if the round had gone any longer referee Herb Dean would have stepped in and stopped it.

The third round started with both fighters noticeably fatigued.  Both Nick and Damarques deserve tons of credit despite being obviously exhausted they both gave it there all in the hopes of getting one step closer to their dreams.  Damarques was the better man tonight though, controlling the standup and eventually taking Nick down to the mat.  Again, to Nicks credit he never gave up despite being behind on the scorecards and needing a knockout. Nick was able to reverse Damarques who had his back and found himself in Damarques’ guard with only half a minute to go in the fight.  The third round finished with both fighters throwing rubbery punches at one another with Nick in Damarques’ guard.

Damarques won the fight, and put one Team USA member in the semi’s.  Next week they will show both lightweight semi-final fights.  To my surprise the preview showed Dent slugging it out with Ross Pearson.  Will Team UK be able to rebound next week, or will Team USA continue their winning ways?  Only time will tell, until next week MMAniacs.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 9:Who Fights Faulkner? and Bisping Shows a Lack of Class in Front of His Students

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Alright Ultimate Fighter fans, this was a much better episode than last weeks, perhaps it’s because the show is more focused on two guys that are actually willing to fight…kinda.

Last episode left us all trying to guess who was going to step up from the already-beatens and take on David Faulkner in a second chance of a lifetime fight?  The answer, Frank Lester.  Lester bless your heart you are a true warrior.  For those of us who have forgotten Lester was the fighter who lost his front four teeth and took a beating just two episodes ago (only a couple of days prior in actual time).  Mark Miller the other alternative had a broken nose, and was not cleared to fight.

Lester tells Dana White (President of the UFC) that he is willing to fight, and so what if he’s missing teeth, after all there only teeth right?  And Dan Henderson fights without his teeth all the time, right?  Dana loved the heart and attitude shown by Lester here, in his willingness to step back in the octagon after just a couple days removed from getting a pretty good beating.

The show eventually shifts to Faulkner who has all the physical tools, but lacks the mental toughness to be a real threat.  Apparently Faulkner is a professional fighter who can’t seem to keep his mouth-guard in his mouth due to his gag-reflex.  He has such a hard time keeping his mouthpiece in that he actually goes to a hypnotist to try to fix the problem through hypnosis.

Later on in the show Bisping sprayed water in Damarques Johnsons face for a “racist” comment that Johnson didn’t even say.  Cameron Dollar a couple of episodes ago (while Bisping was playing Henderson at tennis) said that Bisping was “whiter than a band-aid”?  Whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean.  But, nonetheless Bisping took offense and thought that Johnson was the one who had said it.  Bisping went to apologize to Johnson who had stormed out of the building after being squirted, and after approaching Johnson who told Bisping he needed a minute, Bisping returned like a little “puff”.  It appeared that Bisping was actually upset at Johnson for not letting him apologize right away.

The point is that Bisping was not shown in a very positive light after this event, and I am going to find it very difficult to cheer for him at all.

As far as strategy goes for the fight Henderson wants Lester to just throw a straight one-two combo, that’s it.  Bisping seems to just want Faulkner to keep his mouth-guard in.

Both fighters come out for round one, and Faulkner looks to be the aggressor, and looks much more fresh than Lester.  Faulkner connects on a couple of nice punches, and even scores a takedown.  Faulkner wins round one easily.

The bell rings for round two, and Lester comes out and is able to keep the fight standing and controls Faulkner in the clinch.  Lester also connects on some nice punches none of which are the straight one-tow combo that Henderson wanted him to throw.  During the second round Faulkner is noticeably fatigued, and at one point spit out his mouthpiece, Lester walks away winning round two.

With both fighters each winning a round that means only one thing right?  A sudden death one round battle, winner takes the victory.  But wait, whats this, Faulkners throat is too dry?  Faulkner quits while sitting on his stool between rounds?  Faulkner came on this show taking the opportunity away from all of his fellow countrymen that wanted to be on the Ultimate Fighter and then lets his country down by quitting?  Faulkner, a professional fighter can’t go three rounds?  Well believe it folks it happened, Faulkner did not come out for the third round.  As one person put it Lester out-hearted Faulkner.

Well this ties things up, both teams are now 4-4 and the teaser for next week has us guessing if teammates are going to have to fight teammates.  Until next time, keep reading.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 8: Jason Puts a “Dent” in the UK Record, Pierce Too Sick or Too Scared?

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Hello Ultimate Fighter Fans!  Sorry this wasn’t posted much sooner, like within the last two weeks.  My apologies.  Anyway, it really was kind of a boring episode anyways. Here’s what happened, or perhaps a lack of what happened.  This summary is going to be a little short, because I’m guessing most of you know what happened two weeks ago by now anyways.

The show started off with Jason Pierce being a very negative minded pessimist.  The show continued with Pierce being a negative minded pessimist, and ultimately ended with Pierce being a negative minded non-competitor.

There was much of the show dedicated to peoples dislike of Pierces attitude, ranging from his fellow teammates to even the coaches.  Also, there were four competitors left to fight.  Pierce was going to fight Faulkner, or Dent was going to fight Lawson.

The decision was made to have Dent fight Lawson. 

The first round was pretty good.  The pace was good, with Lawson controlling the round and winning it easily.  In the second round however Lawson was pretty gassed, and Dent was able to choke out Lawson for the victory.  Dana White (President of the UFC) said the victory was far, far, far from being impressive.

The real story was Jason Pierce who was asked by Dana White how he was feeling and if he felt up to fighting (Pierce was diagnosed with somekind of illness by the doctors).  Pierce was again very quiet with a negative attitude, and mentally wasn’t there.  Dana sensed this and told Pierce he wasn’t going to be fighting. 

On a personal note, I was actually angry with the guy because he was sporting top of the line Tapout gear the whole time, and he seemed to lack any heart or desire to fight.  I really didn’t feel that he deserved to be all decked out in Tapout gear when he was obviously quitting before he even officially fought on the show.

In summary, Dent won a very non-impressive victory over Lawson.  Look for Dent to be eliminated in his next fight, while we had at least a half an hour of watching probably the most negative and dejected person to ever be on the Ultimate Fighter.  Luckily, Dana saw that Pierce was bad for business and pulled him from his fight, to give another already beaten Welterweight a second chance.  But who?  We’ll have to wait and see until next week.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 7: Henderson the Tennis Pro? Pearson Puts a Pounding on Witson

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I thought last week that we were going to get two fights this episode, but instead we got one fight and a tennis match?  This week featured the battle of the coaches in a tennis match, while Ross Pearson faced off against Richie Whitson.

The show started off with team UK celebrating their most recent victory, and a clip of Bisping telling the viewers how happy he is that Team UK is in the lead.  The show then jumps right into informing us that Richie Whitson has some kind of bacterial infection by his mouth.  Some cast members give him crap about it being herpes, but Richie insists its not herpes.  Richies recent infection causes Jason Pierce to go around the entire house and disinfect it. 

The show moves forward by reminding us that David Faulkner and Jason Pierce (who are now friends) will have to fight each other.  They are the last two fighters in the welterweight division that have to fight.  Pierce expresses his displeasure with the idea of having to fight a friend, while his coaches try telling him that he has a negative attitude and that he needs to train himself mentally as well as physically.  Pierce responds to this advice in turn by walking out and leaving the gym.  Also, at one point Jason Dent informs Pierce that his USA Teammates are talking trash behind his back, further dividing an already incohesive Team USA.

The show shifted gears then and showed us some training techniques used by Team UK.  One of the techniques was to hit a giant tire using a sledge hammer (it builds core strength).  However after Dean Amasinger finds a way to hit himself with the hammer, and Faulkner shows he can’t hit the broad side of a tractor tire with a hammer, Bisping decided to revert back to more traditional methods of training by lifting weights.

Now the show moves into one of the most entertaining parts of the season, the battle of the coaches.  Every season so far, Dana White (president of the UFC) shows up and has the coaches compete head to head in some kind of random game or sport.  This season we got tennis.  Bisping stated he has never played tennis and it showed, he had trouble hitting the ball with the wide side of the racket.  Henderson however seemed to be a little more coordinated and seemed to pick up the sport a little quicker.  Henderson jumped out to a big lead initially, but at one point Bisping came back (a little).  The whole time the coaches played the US fighters were jawing with and taunting Bisping much to his displeasure.  In the end Henderson won 6 matches to 2, giving each one of his fighters a $1500 prize from Dana White.

After the delights of the coaches dual came the fight announcement.  Bisping picked Ross Pearson to fight Richie Whitson.  Pearson is regarded by the cast members as a fierce competitor and a pitbull in the ring.  Although Whitson in his own right is referred to as scrappy and tough.  Dana White even said he wasn’t going to give a prediction on the fight because it could go either way.  Both fighters consider themselves strikers, and both plan to stand and strike during the fight.  Pearsons plan was to strike and move, while Richies plan was to stay in tight and bang.

Fight time arrives, and Richies bacterial infection is all but gone, and he is cleared to fight.  The two fighters came out in round one and exchanged some punches initially, and then clinched by the cage.  Pearson took Richie down a couple of times, but Richie kept getting back up.  However, at one point Pearson kneed Richie in the head while Richie still had a knee on the mat, which is a violation of the rules, and Pearson was deducted one point for the infraction.  Richie took his time to regroup, but he didn’t really need to.  Pearson came out after the break, took Richie down, and got his back.  Richie fought off an initial attempt for a choke, but ended up sacrificing an arm to an armbar.  Richie was forced to tap, before the first round was able to come to a close.

With Pearsons victory, this moves Team UK ahead by two fights, making it Team UK 4 to Team USA 2.  We still have four fighters left to fight: Jason Dent and Jeff Lawson in the lightweight division and David Faulkner and Jason Pierce in the welterweight division.  I will see all of you TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) fans next week.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 5: UK Wins One, USA Wins One, Where’s Bisping?

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Well this week the episode moved quickly.  Really, it had to considering they featured two elimination fights this episode.  Episode 5 started off with the UK Team celebrating their first victory in the competition, while Team USA fought and bickered amongst one another.

It seems that some of the USA Team members feel that some of the younger members are too immature and talk too much.  Jason Pierce and Jason Dent apparently would prefer either the to hang out with the UK Team, or nobody at all, before hanging out with their teammates. 

Cameron Dollar showed his real colors when he was bragging about how many women he has been with.  While Damarques Johnson occasionally complains or observes how separate Team USA is.  I am convinced that Richie Whitson is a mute, he has yet to say anything the whole season it seems. 

The first fight featured Andre Winner vs Santino Defranco.  Winner was the winner by simply overpowering an “anxious” Defranco.  It’s not really surprising to see Defranco go after seeing his poor performance in his victory to make it on the show.

The next fight was Dean Amasinger vs Damarques Johnson.  Amasinger seemed confident in the match-up, until his coach (Bisping) never arrived for the fight.  Amasinger then seemed noticeably less confident before the fight, while Johnson seemed confident and actually gitty to be fighting.  Johnson beat Amasinger by submission (triangle), despite warnings to Amasinger during preparation to watch out for the triangle.

With Johnsons victory that leaves the record at Team UK 2 -Team USA 1.  They ended the show without ever saying where Bisping was, they only showed Bisping saying “I hope he can forgive me.”  Next episode will feature two more elimination fights as well, which gives us four elimination fights in two weeks, pretty cool I’d say.

Ultimate Fighter Season 9, Episode 4: Team UK Wins Match 1, Team USA Be Afraid

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Episode 4 featured the first elimination fight of the show.  Last episode Team USA won the coin flip to decide who would fight first.  Henderson after talking with his team decided to start things off with a fight in the welterweight division.

Henderson chose Team USA’s Mark Miller to fight Team UK’s Nick Osipczak.  In the first round it appeared that Miller tapped during a guillotine choke attempt, but Miller later escaped.  The first round was a back and forth battle, both on the feet and on the mat.

In the second round Osipczak kicked Miller in the head and knocked him out.  Osipczak thereby gave Team UK their first win, and consequently dealt Team USA their first loss.

Miller appeared to be one of Team USA’s better welterweights, the loss will be a tough blow to the welterweight group for Team USA.  However, Osipczak seems to have a lot of potential, and was probably one of the better welterweights for Team UK.  Depending on how much Osipczak progresses during the show he has potential to make it to the finale in June.

Perhaps Team USA will learn from the loss and realize that they need to step up their game because Team UK is here to bring it.  It will be interesting to see what match up Bisping is going to choose on the next episode.  Until next time, keep your hands up, chin down, and keep fighting.


(Originally posted on 4/23/09)