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We Have A New Champ! Hughes Survives Head-butt and Controversy and Upsets Mark UFC 98.


First, I would like to say to all of my readers, I actually had on OK night for predictions.  But, the prediction I blew was the Machida/Evans fight.  I really thought that Evans had the style to beat Machida.  Don’t worry though, I have no false reservations about my picks or the results, and I am ready to eat a big huge serving of CROW served up by Machida himself.

Lyoto Machida celebrates after becoming the Light Heavyweight Campion in the UFC

Lyoto Machida celebrates after becoming the Light Heavyweight Campion in the UFC

Rashad Evans     vs     Lyoto Machida

Rashad: BU+175 (36%), SB+165 (38%)  (5/13/09)

                   BU+150 (40%), SB+160 (38%)  (5/21/09)

Machida: BU-225 (69%), SB-205 (67%)  (5/13/09)

                     BU-200 (66%), SB-200 (66%)  (5/21/09)

Machida wins by knockout in the second round.

Machida was the favorite for this fight and with good reason.  Machida came out, waited patiently for a while for the Champ to engage, and then decided to formulate a little offense of his own.  Machida had a couple of very nice kicks in the first round and continued his record of never losing a round in the UFC by winning the first round.

Machida came out the second round and waited like a time bomb for the right opportunity to take Evans out.  Evans was taken down by Machida at one point but stood right back up.  Evans really only landed one nice body kick the whole fight.  About three minutes into the second round Machida put on a flurry and caught Evans with several clean blows to the jaw, but ultimately connected with a short left cross to put the Champ to sleep.

I had stated that Machida would not be able to knock Evans out, I was wrong, one serving of crow from Mr. Machida.  Oh, thank you Mr. Machida can I have some more?  I also said that Evans was going to be fast enough and athletic enough to catch Machida but, I was wrong.  Oh why Mr. Machida some more crow?  Thank you, you shouldn’t have Mr. Machida.  I also picked Evans to beat Machida by knockout, but I was wrong.  Oh, a third serving of crow? Why thank you Mr. Machida, oh, look its the biggest serving yet.

Ok, basically I expected Evans to come out and try and take Machida down at least once or twice before standing with Machida.  I thought Evans would want to keep Machida guessing as to what to defend: strikes or takedown.  Unfortunately, Evans didn’t attempt a single takedown.  I also anticipated a lot of level changing and long combinations from Evans to try and close the gap on Machida and get in close.  Evans decided that his bast chance of winning was to stay on the outside and wait for Machida to come in. 

I am not claiming to be a wiz kid when it comes to MMA or fighting, and I am certainly not any more knowledgeable than Greg Jackson (Evans trainer) when it comes to creating a gameplan, but I just felt like with the athleticism and wrestling background that Evans has, he had a real opportunity to take it to Machida.  To Machida’s credit, he has made it very difficult to figure out his style.  One can’t plot slowly in, looking for the big knockout like Thiago Silva did.  But, one can’t stay back and try and keep distance on Machida either.  Machida is too accurate of a striker and distance is Machidas advantage.

I overestimated Evans ability to close the gap on Machida, and I underestimated Machidas power and elusiveness.  I give all the credit to Machida, he fought a superb fight and won in a very convincing fashion.  I anticipate Machida holding onto this belt for some time to come.  Oh, OK, one more serving of crow for me just for good measure.


Matt Hughes     vs     Matt Serra

Hughes: BU-275 (73%), SB-290 (74%)  (5/13/09)

                   BU-275 (73%), SB-275 (73%)  (5/21/09)

Serra: BU+190(34%)  SB+230 (30%)  (5/13/09)

              BU+190 (34%) SB+215 (31%)  (5/21/09)

Hughes wins by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Well, I got this one right, despite near upset loss in the first round from a headbutt.  Serra and Hughes accidentally knocked heads in the very beginning of the first round, causing Hughes to basically get knocked out while standing, fortunately Serra couldn’t finish him.  Serra won the first round with pressure and strikes.

Hughes won the second and third round with superior wrestling and takedowns.  It was definitely a close fight, and the judges easily could have had a split decision.  In the end though it was a unanimous decision victory for Hughes.

 Just a quick note on Hughes.  Hughes to me looked a little slow and apprehensive on his feet.  I hope Hughes doesn’t fight anymore because I know he will fight a ranked competitor, and I think he will lose.  Hughes’ skills just aren’t well rounded enough to hang with the top of the division anymore.

Drew McFedries     vs     Xavier Foupa-Pokam

McFedries: SB+160 (38%)  (5/21/09)

Foupa-Pokam: SB-200 (66%)  (5/21/09)

McFedries wins by knockout in the first round.

Well, I kinda went back and forth with this fight, like I did for most of the fights on this card.  However, when I thought about it, it sounded like Foupa-Pokam wanted to stand with McFedries and that is never a good gameplan.  McFedries proved his power by blasting Foupa-Pokam several times before the ref stepped in to stop it.


Brock Larson     vs     Mike Pyle

Larson: SB-290 (74%)  (5/21/09)


Larson wins by submission in the first round.

Man o’ man, Pyle really brought it.  Pyle went for several very nice, and very close submission attempts of his own right away in the first round.  The two fighters had a very quick and smart grappling match on the mat before Larson was able to come away with the submission victory.


Dan Miller    vs     Chael Sonnen

Sonnen: SB+125 (44%)  (5/21/09)

Miller: SB-155 (61%)  (5/21/09)

Sonnen wins by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Well, I have a little more crow on my plate after this one.  I knew Sonnen was the better wrestler, but I thought Miller would be able to keep the fight standing where he is better on his feet.  Sonnen was able to take Miller down with relative ease, and proceeded to ground and pound Miller for three rounds.  I was surprised that Miller wasn’t more effective from his guard. 

I’m really not too disappointed with this pick, it was a fight to see where Miller ranks in the UFC, Sonnen was a good test and Miller just wasn’t up to the challenge. 


Sean Sherk     vs     Frank Edgar

Sherk: BU-275 (73%) SB-295 (74%)  (5/13/09)

               BU-300 (75%) SB-365 (78%)  (5/21/09)

Edgar: BU+190 (34%) SB+235(30%)  (5/13/09)

                BU+200 (33%) SB+285 (26%)  (5/21/09)

Edgar wins by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Edgar had the better boxing skills  for this fight.  Edgar moved around well, and had real crisp strikes.  I knew Edgar could win this fight if it stayed standing, the only problem was I thought Sherk would at least go for a couple of takedowns, and score some points on the judges scorecard.  This fight is a frustrating loss, because Sherk has the ability to win the fight consistently by simply taking Edgar down (which he would be able to do) and ground and pounding him.  However, Sherk chose to stand and lose two straight rounds before trying something else.  My fear was realized, Sherk was more concerned about winning by knockout/strikes than he was about just winning.

Nonetheless, I thought it could have been a split decision, and with the odds where they were, it really was hard not to throw some money down on Edgar.  Another fight that was tough to predict.


Pat Barry     vs     Tim Hague

Barry: BU-350 (77%) (5/13/09)

               BU-330 (77%) SB-500 (83%)  (5/21/09)

Hague: BU+225 (31%)  (5/13/09)

                 BU+220 (31%) SB+300 (25%)  (5/21/09)

Hague wins by submission in the first round.

Well, if anyone read my predictions, they would know that I really didn’t want to chose this one.  I just had a hard time seeing why Barry was such a favorite. Although he was very close to knocking out Hague in the beginning of the first round.  But, Hague kept his wits about him, took Barry down and submitted him.

Another lose on my record, but yet another one that I can live with.


Phillipe Nover     vs     Kyle Bradley

Nover: BU-400 (80%) SB-365 (78%)  (5/13/09)

                BU-330 (77%) SB-500 (83%)  (5/21/09)

Bradley: BU+250 (29%) SB+285 (26%)  (5/13/09)

                   BU+220 (31%) SB+300 (25%)  (5/21/09)

Bradley wins by referee stoppage in the first round.

I didn’t see this fight, but apparently referee Yves Lavigne had a very, very poor stoppage of the fight.  He stopped the fight but Nover was never hurt.  Which makes it worse for Lavigne is that apparently replay shows that it was indeed a very poor stoppage.

Another loss for me, but it sounds like it wasn’t a very legit fight, so once again this one doesn’t bother me. (Other than poor refereeing).


Krzysztof Soszynski   vs     Andre Gusmao

Soszynski: SB+125 (44%)  (5/21/09)

Gusmao: SB-155 (61%)  (5/21/09)

Soszynski wins by knockout in the first round.

Gusmao came out strong, and really looked to be the better fighter for the first part of the fight.  However, Soszynski caught Gusmao right on the chin with a real short and crisp right hand.  Once again, Gusmao is a good fighter, and better than what he has shown in his first two fights in the UFC.  Soszynski is hot right now, he has confidence, looks healhty, has a well rounded fight game, I would hate to be Soszynskis next opponent.

Back in the win column for me.


Dave Kaplan     vs     George Roop

Kaplan: BU+110 (48%)  (5/13/09)

                 BU+110 (48%) SB+135 (43%)  (5/21/09)

Roop: BU-150 (60%)  (5/13/09)

              BU-150 (60%) SB-165 (62%)  (5/21/09)

Roop wins by split decision after three rounds.

Well, I really thought that Roop would have had an easier time with Kaplan.  Roop still got the win, but I have to give Kaplan a lot of credit, he fought hard and showed some real heart.

Roop got me a win here, barely, but I will take it.


My prediction results and data for UFC 98:

 My Record: 6/11                                                

Money Picks: 3/4

Favorites Record: 4/11 (amazing, there were a lot of upsets for this one)

I picked the favorite to win 7/11


Running Totals Updated

My Record: 16/23  70%

Money Picks:  7/9 78%

Favorites Record (since UFC 97): 11/23  48%