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WEC 41 Brown vs Faber 2 (Results)

Posted in Results with tags , , , , , on June 8, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

Well Brown vs Faber 2 is in the books, and with a little help from the injury bug, Brown manages to beat Faber for the second time in as many fights.  WEC 41 delivered on all aspects the fight game; there were fantastic knockouts, 3 and 5 round battles and very technical mat battles that lead to impressive submissions.  I would definitely be willing to dish out pay-per view money if the WEC can consistently provide this type of quality.


Mike Brown^                               Urijah “California Kid” Faber

Mike Brown 2    vs    Urijah Faber 2  

Brown: BU-105 (51%), SB+120 (45%)     (06/04/09)

Faber: BU-135 ( 57%), SB-150 (60%)     (06/04/09)

Brown wins by unanimous decision after 5 rounds.  Judges scores: 49-46, 49-46, 48-47

Brown defended his title against a very determined and tough Urijah Faber on Sunday June 7.  The fight would start out with a bang and make its way to a decision after five hard fought rounds by both fighters.

Urijah came out in round one guns a blazin.  Urijah connected on a good straight left midway through round one that opened a cut under Browns left eye.  Unfortunately that would end the right hands delivered by Urijah for the rest of the fight.  Urijah broke his right hand midway into the first round and never used it again.  Instead Urijah had to resort to trying to connect with long reaching right elbows.

Later in the fight Urijah also injured his left hand, but I’m not exactly sure when or which round.  Urijah toughed out the rest of the fight by throwing elbows and kicks.  Because of the damage to his hands Urijah was unable to get or sustain any takedown, as well as submission attempts.

Brown on the other hand seemed to have a pretty conservative gameplan, he would slowly creep in, throw a couple lefts and unleash his right hand, and then lock up and clinch fight.  Brown was able to take Urijah down in several different rounds, and was able to control Urijah on the ground pretty well.  Brown neutralized most of Urijahs scrambles, and he even avoided a couple submission attempts by Urijah by creating his own scrambles.

Ultimately this was a very fun, and energetic fight.  I am really, really, really glad that the WEC put this on national television on VS.  Theres nothing better than seeing a title fight thats as good as any title fight you’ll see in the UFC on tv for free.  Way to go Brown!  I can only hope that these two fighters will keep on winning and maybe create a third rematch.  Hand injury or no hand injury the two styles these fighters have make for a great fight that I could watch over and over again.


Jose “Junior” Aldo     vs     Cub Swanson

Aldo: SB-360 (78%)     (06/04/09)

Swanson: SB+280 (26%)     (06/04/09)

Aldo wins by knockout via flying double knee in round one!  Everyone youtube this highlight!

Aldo was able to come out after the bell and immediately deliver the knockout of the night and perhaps the year!  Unfortunately for Cub there always has to be the “victim” and tonight Cub was the victim of a flying double knee.  Yeah, that’s right a double knee.  Aldo managed to connect on Cubs face with both knees while in the air.  Amazing!  Take a second to check it out on youtube, it will literally take seconds because the knockout happens 8 seconds into the fight. 


Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone     vs     James Krause

Cerrone: SB-650 (87%)     (06/04/09)

Krause: SB+450 (22%)     (06/04/09)

Cerrone wins by tapout due to a rear-naked choke in round one.

Cerrone and Krause provided us with a very good technical up and down fight.  The fight ultimately ended on the mat with Krause tapping, but prior to that Krause was a very game fighter. 


Josh “The Fluke” Grispi^     vs     Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver

Grispi: SB-150 (60%)     (06/04/09)

Pulver: SB+120 (45%)      (06/04/09)

 Grispi wins  by tapout due to a guillotine in round one.

Ok here it here first, Pulver said he’s done fighting.  Pulver got caught in the first exchange between the two fighters and Grispi capitalized.  Grispi moved in and Pulver went for a desperate takedown, but left his head hanging out in the open and Grispi was able to clamp on and submit the exciting ex-UFC veteran.  After the fight Pulver was clearly very emotional, and still very gracious to everyone for his opportunities in fighting.  Pulver came into MMA as an unknown and he’s leaving as future hall of famer who is truly a class act.


Manny “The Anvil” Gamburyan^     vs     John Franchi

Gamburyan: SB-240 (71%)     (06/04/09)

Franchi: SB+190 (34%)     (06/04/09)

 Gamburyan wins by unanimous decision after 3 rounds.  All judges scored the fight 30-27.

The Gamburyan-Franchi fight was not televised, for punch-by-punch details checkout  Otherwise basically Sherdog says that the fight was boring, and Gamburyan was booed after the fight because of its lack of excitement.


Rafael Rebello     vs     Kyle Dietz

Rebello: SB-115 (53%)     (06/04/09)

Dietz: SB-115 (53%)    (06/04/09)

Rebello wins by tapout due to a rear-naked choke in round one.

Check out for more details about this fight.


Mike “The Beast” Campbell     vs     Anthony “Showtime” Pettis

Campbell: SB-340 (77%)     (06/04/09)

Pettis: SB+260 (28%)     (06/04/09)

 Pettis wins by tapout due to triangle choke in round one.

This was a quick but impressive victory for Pettis.  He jumped up onto Campbell while going for a guillotine, and Campbell slammed Pettis into the mat.  Pettis however never lost his composure and went for a couple of different submissions before locking in the triangle that won him the fight. 


Scott “Young Guns” Jorgensen     vs     Antonio Banuelos

Jorgensen: SB-145 (59%)     (06/04/09)

Banuelos: SB+115 (47%)     (06/04/09)

 Banuelos wins by split decision after three rounds. Judges scores: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 for Banuelos.

The judges got this fight right in my opinion, yet if there would have been a fourth round I think that Jorgensen would have won.  Banuelos came out like a little fire plug in round one.  Banuelos was throwing very good combinations and mixing up his strikes and location.  Banuelos caught Jorgensen early in round one and kept the pressure on winning round one convincingly.

Round two was a little tougher to score, but Banuelos still had some speed and movement, and still managed to take Jorgensen down in the second round.  I too would have awarded round two to Banuelos although it was much closer than round one.

In round three however, Jorgensen looked to have found his range with his jab, and looked to be the fresher fighter.  Banuelo was noticeably slower, and was no longer throwing long combinations and kicks.  Jorgensen caught Banuelo and gave him a nasty cut toward the end of the round.  Jorgensen won round three convincingly.  Unfortunately it was too little too late.  No doubt Jorgensen would have had the momentum if the fight had gone onto another round, but both fighters knew it was only three rounds and the right man won on the scorecards.

I would really like to see Jorgensen get a chance to avenge this loss.  Jorgensen clearly seemed to be the more athletic fighter, its just that he got caught early and it took him too long to recover.  Either way thats fighting.


Frank Gomez     vs     Noah Thomas

Gomez: SB -160 (62%)     (06/04/09)

Thomas: SB+130 (43%)     (06/04/09)

Gomez wins by tapout due to an arm triangle choke in the second round.

 Check out for details.


Rolando Perez     vs     Seth “2-Quick” Dikun

Perez: SB -115 (53%)     (06/04/09)

Dikun: SB-115 (53%)     (06/04/09)

Dikun wins by tapout due to a triangle choke in the first round.

Dikun almost provided us with a submission of the night highlight reel for the ages, yet he’ll just have to settle for the win instead.  Early in the fight Dikun went for what I can only describe as a flying triangle.  Dikun practically Lock a triangle in on Perez while he was still standing but the would be highlight was quickly negated.  Perez fell to the mat into Dikuns guard who with a couple of elbows and a shift of his weight was able to lock in the triangle.  So, it took a little longer for the submission and it didn’t quite happen in the air, but Dikun was still able to secure the triangle and take home the W.


Note: for anyone looking for more commentary on any fight I highly recommend checking out www.sherdog.comits an excellent MMA resource.  Also the results and judges scores are taken from the sherdog website.

My Prediction Results: 3/3 for 100%