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My Top Five: Middleweight Fighters In the UFC

Posted in Top Five Fighters in Each UFC Weight Class with tags , , , , , , , , on May 1, 2009 by Maxwell Destree

1. Anderson “The Spider” Silva     anderson-silva-21

Silva has not had very impressive performances in his last two fights (Cote, and Leites) however, until he loses he is still top in this division.  What’s frustrating with Silva is that he is so good that it seems as though he doesn’t feel challenged when he’s fighting.  He has excellent striking, good jiu-jitsu defense, and appears to have good ground skills as well.  Hopefully, we can see a super-fight between Silva and St.Pierre in the future.

2. Dan “Hendo” Henderson     dan-henderson

Henderson proved he still has a little left in the gas tank and a whole lot of power left in his right hand.  With Hendersons impressive knockout over Michael Bisping Henderson belongs in this spot.  Henderson has lost to notables such as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Anderson “The Spider” Silva, but he has recently beaten Rousimar Palhares, and Rich “Ace” Franklin.  Henderson seems to be back on an upswing, and has fought some of the best fighters of any division.  The reason Henderson is higher than Okami is simply based on strength of fight history.  Henderson beat Franklin (who Okami lost to) and has fought much tougher and more established opponents than Okami.

3. Yushin “Thunder” Okami     yushin-okami 

Okami has some impressive wins over Mike “Quick” Swick, Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald, and Dean Lister.  The only thing that is holding Okami back is a loss to Rich “Ace” Franklin as well as a very frustrating proneness to injury.  When Okami fights he is easily a top five fighter, the only problem is he never fights.  I would anticipate that Okami will come off this board pretty soon, or at least drop after the winner of Maia vs Marquardt.


4. Demian Maia     damian-maia

Maia is in this spot for one reason and one reason only, jiu-jitsu.  He has had five fights in the UFC with five victories, all by submission.  He has beaten Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald and Nate”Rock” Quarry who are respectable fighters in this division.  No one in this weight class is better at jiu-jitsu than Maia period.  But, he hasn’t faced the toughest the UFC has to offer.  I would expect him to get a match against one of the top four fighters I have listed here, to see where he really ranks.  I would like to see him take on Nate “The Great” Marquardt, it would be a good test for both of them, and would decide who should face Silva after he fights Okami.


5. Nate “The Great” Marquardt     nathan-marquardt

Marquardt is an all around good fighter, he does have losses to Thales Leites and Anderson Silva though, and that’s why he is at this spot.  He carries wins over Dean Lister, Martin Kampmann, and Wilson Gouveia.  I feel that there is perhaps a rematch with Leites in the future, but we’ll have to see.  Some people want to think there’s a possible rematch with Silva if Marquardt can get another win under his belt, it could be interesting.